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She's been dead for a long time...

I know, because I saw her die. Right in front of me.

I can still remember her sad, but peaceful face as she knew her time was drawing near...

I still remember the tears... on her cheeks. Flowing down like raindrops, yet glistening like the noonday sun...

I still remember the silence in the air... as all the birds and animals in the forest seemingly paused to behold the scene of one at the end of one's journey...​

But most importantly...

I Remember What She Said To Me In The
Final Moments Of Her Life!

As she looked at me with her teary gaze, lying on the cushion of leaves, she raised her left hand towards me. It was cupped as if holding something within in it...

And she said...

"Leonardo... In my hand, I hold a seed. A single seed, which is all that is left of me...
Please... take this seed... And plant it.... Somewhere far away, from all the rubbish and spam of the Internet.
Somewhere where... traffic strategies grow green, and the search engines shine on them... unobstructed by the mists and clouds of obsolescence and misery.
It will grow into a plant. And that plant...
... will continue my lineage..."

As she said this, her hand opened over mine.

And she dropped... her final seed...

It Was A Seed For Hope! For FREE List Building!
For QUICK List Building! And For The Future!

So I took the seed. And I planted it. And I watered it. And I watched it grow over the years...

Turns out, it was a boy!

And a rowdy boy at that.

But I knew this boy had potential. I could see it in his eyes.

This wasn't going to be just another one of those plain old List Building Strategies. Oh no...

... it was clear that this revolutionary new list building technique was going to surpass his mother by far!

He just had so much potential in him!

And so, I named him...

... The Next Generation Of Blog Comment List Building!

My hunches were correct.

Comment Hacking has opened the way to a whole new world of fast, easy and free email list building.

So fast, and so free, and so hyper-targeted... that it even puts the commonly used simple technique of asking your friends and family members to join your email list to shame!

Today, I want to tell you all about him.

About his tricks. About his secret techniques. And all about how he works.

But first... in order to understand this incredible approach... and start Comment Hacking your way to fast and easy free list building...

There's Something You Need To Understand First!

And that thing is... the structure of the humble blog comment.

You see, a comment is made up of 4 main parts.

If you understand and master these parts... Comment Hacking (and email subscribers) will come to you as easy as bees to honey!

However, if you don't carefully read and understand what I'm about to tell you...

... you're going to get burned so badly, they'll probably admit you for 5th Degree Burns!

This is some hot stuff. No playing around here...​

You with me?

Ok, great. So...

A Great, List Building Blog Comment Is
Made Up Of 4 Main Parts!

And they are...

  1. Targeting
  2. Traffic
  3. Profile
  4. Content

Each of these parts is important if you want to fully maximize the power of Comment Hacking.

If you do this right, you'll get traffic and email subscribers easy as pie.

It'll amaze you how you'll be able to just leave blog comments, and...

Start Getting New Sign-Ups Within Minutes!

Even now, it still amazes me sometimes...

... how I'm able to just leave a simple little blurb... or a blog post or article I just read...

... and the people just started pouring in to join my email list!

Just leave a few blog comments. Look at my watch. Notice that 5 minutes have passed. ​And...


Another new subscriber.​ Maybe even more.

Of course, that's an ideal scenario. It happens fairly often. Not all the time. Sometimes it takes a little longer...

... but​ it happens often enough that it can be a remarkable force of nature in your toolbox.

Here's why it works...​

The #1 Thing You Need To Understand

Every blog post comment that you leave targets someone.

For most people who leave blog comments... their aim is to target and attract other readers of that specific blog post that they're commenting on.

And hopefully... get some link clicks on their profile, and more opt-ins over time.

That's one level of Comment Hacking.

It works... But it's the most basic level.

And I think virtually everyone in the world knows how to do that.

But the one thing that 99.9% of the marketers out there don't know... is that...

There Are Actually
4 Levels Of Blog Comment Targeting!

And thus, 4 Levels Of Comment Hacking that we can use to get a horde of easy new leads and subscribers.

I call them L1, L2, L3, and L4...

L1 Comment Hacking is the least targeted. It tries to speak to everyone. And so, it can expose you to a wider audience.

But because it tries to speak to everyone, it is diluted in it's power.

​L1 Comment Hacking Is Basically...

... what everyone does with their blog comments!

They find a blog post that's somewhat related to their lead magnet. And then they leave a comment on that blog post. Hoping in their heart of hearts that some reader... who happens to be passing along and reading that very same article... will somehow scroll down to the Comments Section of the article, see their insightful comment, click on their comment name link to reach their website, and finally signup for their email list!

Wow! What wishful thinking!​

Well, it does work... to some degree... But it's slow!

And because the targeting is so wide, with the comment trying to reach such a wide range of people...

... it takes a lot of time (and traffic) just to convert even one or two people to sign up to your email list.

If you leave enough of these, over time, you can get a certain number of subscribers opt-ing in to your mailing list.


... everyone's doing it. Even the spammers.

And because of that... it's not as effective as it once was.

That's L1 Comment Hacking. It tries to target the reader of the article or blog post.

Now, the second level of Comment Hacking is...

L2 Comment Hacking!

Which, instead of targeting the random person reading the article or blog post, it targets people who COMMENT on the blog post.

How do you target people who comment on a blog post? And get them to see your comment, click to your site, and sign up to your mailing list?

It's simple. And there are two ways to do it.

Way #1 involves clicking on the name link of their comment, and visiting their website, and the blog section of their website and...

... basically you read one of the interesting articles on their site...

... think a bit about what you want to say, and how you can add some insight that will blow them away...

... and then you post your comment!

Now Here's The Trick:

You don't want to post just any old comment. No!

You want to post a comment that will, in some way, let them know that you are an expert in the problem they are looking to solve!

Let me illustrate what I mean.

Let's say... you are in the weight loss niche.

You basically teach people how to lose weight. That's your specialty. And you just love watching people going from 450 pounds to 180 pounds after going through your program.

But in order to get that experience of sheer ecstasy, you will need to get people onto your email list first. To sell them on what you have to offer...

So you go around the internet, and look for popular articles that tell people about how they can lose weight, in one way or another.

You find one of those popular articles. And you noticed that it's chalk full of interesting, and hyper-excited comments by readers who are thanking the author of the article profusely.

One of these super excited comments goes something like this:

I'm currently on a diet plan, and challenging myself to lose weight. And it's been, like, the hardest journey eva!
I'm going to use these tips right away, so I can get ready for my wedding!

The Comments Section of any article is basically...

A Treasure Trove Of
Highly Interested Potential Leads And
Hyper-Targeted New Prospects For Your Mailing List!

But the vast majority of people don't recognize this. And they miss out on the opportunity...

Anyways, back to what we were doing.

You noticed that this super excited young lady has a link to her blog from her comment name that she left.

So you click-through to her blog. And noticed that it's a personal blog. About everything in her life, from trying to lose weight... to getting shocked out of the blue by that recent marriage proposal from her childhood sweetheart whom she has known since kindergarten... to her recent scrapbooking projects.

Pretty cool.

You look through the blog. And notice that it's open to comments.

And that there are some interesting articles you can read and comment on.

You decide to do so, and devour one of the articles with great fury.

And then you leave a comment, with a link back to your website.

The comment says:

That is, like... the coolest thing eva! Getting a proposal from your childhood sweetheart! Wow! And you've known each other for years? I wish I had a childhood sweet heart too!
Maximillian le Rouge
(Weight Loss Coach)"

You see that final quantifier you leave in brackets at the end after you sign off your comment?

That tells her what you're all about.

So, by piquing her curiosity after she reads your comment, she clicks through to your website...

... and reads some of your super cool and gnarly blog posts... sees a link to your opt-in form, offering some free tips and training on losing weight... and...

She Signs Up!

It took you a total of 5 minutes to do that...

5 minutes!

From finding a related article, to checking out the comments section, and clicking through to the site, and reading a random interesting blog post, and leaving a relevant insightful comment.

That's basically L2 Comment Hacking in a nutshell.

Instead of targeting blog post readers, who may or may not ever see your comment... you go straight for the meat. You target the people who have left comments, and clearly displayed their interest in the subject.

And you'll be surprised how quickly some blog owners see your comment.

Doing this...

I Literally Get New Sign-Ups Within Minutes!

Of course, sometimes it may take a while for blog owners to see your comment. Especially some blog owners who don't check their blogs that often. It might take days. Even weeks.

But... it's a numbers game. Just repeat the process as many times as you want...

... and you'll get a mixture of super fast subscribers, along with some in the coming days and weeks as well...

... and most importantly... you've also got a blog comment out there, that's going to expose you to more people in the future and over time!

Of course not everyone has a blog or website. Though a lot of people do nowadays.

It depends on the niche as well.

In the internet marketing niche... almost everyone has a blog.

In other niches, a high percentage of the population may have blogs. Others may not.

But that doesn't matter.

Because you can always go up another level of commenting.

And instead of targeting blog post readers... or commenters... you can go and directly target the Blog Post Sharers!

​L3 Comment Hacking Is All About...

... reaching these Blog Post Sharers!

They're the people who read a blog post on something that they've found relevant... to themselves or their circle of friends... and... they enjoy freely sharing these blog posts on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

And if someone shares a blog post... it goes without saying the majority of them are going to be interested in the topic to some extent... having read the post before they share it out.

These people are of a higher level for you than maybe even the simple blog post readers and commenters. These people are action takers!

Not only are they interested in the topic, and have a high probability of visiting your site and signing up to your email list...

... they also have a high probability of reading the articles on your blog and...

Sharing The Content With Their Friends If
Your Stuff Is Good!

How do you find these people?


Just copy the URL of the related article you found...

... and do a search for it in Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus (or whatever social network's popular in yoru niche) and look at who shared it.

Or search for the Full Title of the article if the URL isn't getting that many results.

And this will instantly tap you into a whole new world of highly targeted sharers and prospects...

Now what you do next is...

... well.. there are basically two things you can do.

You can either visit their social network profile, and try to find a link to their blog. And visit their blog. And leave a comment. To get them to notice you.

Or... you can just leave a comment on their article share itself.

But before you do this, make sure your social profile has a clear link back to your blog or website.

So that... after reading your interesting comment and noticing what you're about (with the sign off thingy), they can click-through to your profile and visit your site.

And if you have some great related content on your blog? They'll probably share it too!

Anyways, let's get to the last and highest level of targeting.

Which is...

L4 Comment Hacking!

This level of comment targeting means that... you're targeting the writer of the blog post!

So, I hope you can see how we're progressing.

We started at targeting just the readers of the article (L1)... to targeting the commenters on the article (L2)... to targeting the sharers of the article (L3)... to now finally targeting the WRITER of the article (L4)!

This level though... requires a slightly different approach.

What we want to do is... we want to target people who wrote a blog post article that indicates that they are clearly interested in the subject of what we have to offer!

Not only interested, but maybe even...


I'll give you an example...

So, going back to our weight loss illustration.

I'm looking to target people who are interested in losing weight. And they're not just interested. They're talking about how interested they are... and are writing about it on their blogs!

In fact, they're probably writing about how difficult it is to lose weight, what their difficulties are, how they're progressing, etc.

They're basically using their blog as a sort of weight loss journal. Or just a personal, public diary to vent their thoughts and express themselves.

Now... there are a lot of ways that you can find blog posts like this in Google.

Simply put, some key terms you can try searching for include things like:

  • "weight loss challenge"
  • "weight loss journey"
  • "weight loss update"
  • "weight loss progress"
  • "fitness update"
  • "my weight loss"
  • "my fitness plan"
  • etc.

So, I go to Google. And I pop in the keyword "weight loss challenge" in the search bar. And I hit enter.

I then change the search settings to show results for the "Past Month" only.

If you don't know how to do that, click here... and look at the screenshots.

I do this because... I don't want blog post results that are too old. Because then... they might already be over and done with their weight loss challenge.

I then look through the search results, and look only for PERSONAL BLOGS! Where people are blogging about their personal weight loss challenge. And where I can leave comments on.

And I can leave a comment giving them some advice. Or just wish them good luck. Or just joining in the conversation.

These Blog Posts Are Often Treasure Troves!

Because they often consist of a number of other people who are also doing and blogging about their own personal weight loss challenge at the same time.

And you can visit and comment on these other commenters blogs as well... It goes back to the principle of L2 Comment Hacking.

But I can't stress this enough...

Make sure you offer something useful in your comment, if you don't want to get burned at the stake!

So, let's say after doing some searching, I come across a blog post that goes something like this:

Day 8 of my weight loss challenge, and I'm already on the BRINK!
Each and everyday that passes, I can do nothing but... helplessly... think and salivate at the thought of eating... CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!
I wish I knew how to get rid of these cravings..."

So, what do I do but to pop-in to the comments section... and offer some advice... talk a bit about how I see this type of thing all the time... and how I've helped my subscribers overcome the cravings and finally see their weight loss challenge through to the end...

And my comment ends as always with:

​Maximillian le Rouge
(Weight Loss Coach)

I think it would be hard for someone NOT to check out my site. And opt-in to my email list. If it clearly offers something that could help them with their weight loss goals.

Repeat this with the other keywords I've listed above. Or come up with your own. And you've got some easy new list building opportunities right there!

Save your search queries in a folder in your Bookmarks Bar for easy access and searching any time you want...

... and you're done!

Remember... the key here is... looking for people who are clearly expressing a need or desire in their blog post (a need that can be solved by your lead magnet)... and making yourself known to them as someone who can fill that need through your blog comment.​

And Now For The 2nd Thing We Need To Optimize...
Which Is The Traffic!

Targeting is important. You want to leave comments on blog posts that are highly related to your lead magnet.

And even more important, you want to make sure that you know EXACTLY which of the 4 Levels of audience you're targeting with your Comment Hacking.


... all that is useless... if the blog post you're commenting on isn't getting any traffic.

In general, by combining these traffic concepts you're about to learn below... together with what you've learned in the Targeting Section... you can amplify your Comment Hacking traffic to a whole new level!

L1 Comment Hacking is especially reliant on traffic to get it to work. If there aren't many readers on a blog post, it's just going to be a waste of time.

L2 to L4 Comment Hacking... is not that reliant on traffic. Since you're just planning to reach a very specific individual. And you want fast and easy signups.

But still, over time, you can get a ton more traffic as a by-product with L2 to L4 Comment Hacking if... that specific individual's blog just happens to have a lot of targeted traffic coming to it... and if... you specifically target only the highest traffic opportunities on that blog when you're leaving a comment to make yourself known to them...

Anyways, let's get back to the topic at hand! Squeezing the maximum amount of traffic out of your blog comments... Especially if you're doing L1 Comment Hacking...

I Have Something Important To Tell You,
So Listen Closely...

Not all blog posts are created equal!

Some blog posts get more traffic than others.

In fact, based on the Pareto Principle, we can say that roughly 80% of a blog's traffic is going to just 20% of its blog posts.


Just imagine what would happen if you were able to leave comments on just a few of these Top 20% Blog Posts that are getting 80% of the traffic...

You'll be easily rolling in the traffic! With a lot less effort too...

In my Million Subscriber Case Study and also for this experimental blog post, I did a little experiment just to get some numbers.

And I can tell you for a fact that...

61% Of The Traffic I Generated For
That Part Of The Case Study...

... came from only a couple of comments I left on just 3 Top 20% Posts.

The rest of the 39% of the traffic came from commenting on... around 30 to 40 other random and latest blog posts.

See... the vast majority of people who do blog commenting do it on the latest blog posts of any blog. So that they can get their comments at the top.

Sure, it may get you traffic for a short period of time.

But once those latest posts drop off the first page of the blog... and get replaced by newer blog posts... I can tell you for a fact that the traffic you're getting from those blog posts is going to drop DRAMATICALLY!

In fact, based on my results, the traffic I was getting from these commenting on these latest blog posts dropped to only around 10% of total traffic I was getting after a week or so.

Because they had already disappeared from the front page of the blog.

That's Why It's Not Always In Your Best Interest
To Post On The Latest Blog Posts!

You'll get a much better ROI in terms of time spent, if you focus on Comment Hacking the Top 20% Posts of a blog! Posts that have been receiving the majority of the site's traffic for a certain period of time. And are going to continue to do so...

Now how do you go about finding these Top Traffic-Getting posts?

Before I get into that... I just wanted to say that... Top posts don't remain Top posts forever. Search and social trends change. Rankings change. Stuff changes.

But they will get you more traffic, and for a much longer period of time, and for much less effort... than you would get by just commenting on any old random blog post.

Comment on several of these top blog posts, and you'll be able to generate a nice little traffic spike to your brand new site within just days!

Like I did here for my case study... just to show you some pretty pictures...

So How Do You Find These Top Traffic Blog Posts?

There are three main ways:

  1. Sidebar Widgets. Some blogs have a widget in their sidebar that show you all of the Top Posts on their blog. All you have to do is comment on these specific posts, and you'll start getting a ton more traffic than you would by commenting on regular posts.
  2. BuzzSumo. This tool allows you to search a website and find their most shared posts on the social networks. This is a great way to find Top Posts that are getting a ton of traffic from the Social Networks, like Facebook and Twitter. All you have to do is... just enter in the URL of the high traffic website you want to comment on and hit search.... and it'll show you the most shared posts...
  3. Alexa. Basically, you can go to the Alexa tool, enter the URL of the "blog you want to comment on" in the search bar, and it will show you a ton of stats for that site. The stats you want to focus on are... Top Keywords from Search Engines. This will show you where most of of the site's search engine traffic is coming from. You then search for those Top Keywords in Google... and see exactly which pages of that site are ranking for those keywords... and then you comment on them...

​You can also just reverse this process by simply searching on BuzzSumo for trending blog posts for your keyword and leaving comments on them.

Or by searching Google for high traffic keywords, finding the blog posts that are ranking at the top of the search results for keywords, and leaving comments on those highly ranked posts.

By the way...

... I would only use this Comment Hacking traffic technique for high traffic sites in your niche.

If A Site Isn't Getting Much Traffic,
Then It Might Not Be Worth The Effort!

In that case, it's better to use the L2 to L4 Comment Hacking techniques I mentioned above...


... there are actually three aspects to Comment Hacking Traffic.

The first one was what I just talked about. Finding super high traffic blog posts.

The second aspect is getting a high traffic comment PLACEMENT.

In general, the higher up on the page your comment is, the more traffic you'll get to click on your Comments and go to your site.

Which is why people often fight to get the coveted first place for commenting on a blog post.

However, if you're late to the party, it's not a problem.

You can easily get a higher traffic comment position by simply...

Replying To Other Comments
Nearer To The Top Of The Page!

Well, only if you have something interesting or useful to reply anyways...

This will bring your comment straight up to as close to the top as possible.

Also, you can reply to more than one comment on a blog post. If you have something interesting or useful to say of course.

Which brings me to the third and final aspect... which is the quantity of your comments.

Most people either don't know, or never think of this...

... but you can leave more than one comment on a particular blog post. If you have something good to say.

All you have to do is reply to other commenters on the blog post!

Engage in some conversation.

The Comments Section is getting closer to becoming a social community nowadays than simply a section to leave comments.

Keep these three aspects of traffic in mind these, and you'll be able to create traffic spikes to your website like crazy...

We're almost done, but not quite yet...

We Need To Work On The 3rd Aspect...
Hacking Your Profile!

Whenever you leave a comment on a blog, there are usually three different form fields that you can fill in:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Email
  3. Your Website

If you really want to squeeze the maximum amount of traffic possible out of your blog comments, you'll need to first work on optimizing...

... your Name.

That's right.

Stop using a generic name! Like everyone else is doing.

Don't just use something boring like... Leonardo Lavito...

Instead... make it stand out! Make it more descriptive. So that it speaks directly to your target audience. So that it calls out directly to people who you want to join your list.

You can do this either by... adding a descriptive and fun title to your name, like:

Leonardo "List Legend" LaVito

... or...

... perhaps by adding your URL to your name, which can help bring traffic to your site for people who don't know that Comment Names are clickable, like:

Leonardo LaVito @

These Are My Two Go-To Options
When Comment Hacking!

Both work well. Which one I use depends on the situation.

For blogs where the Comment Name is very obviously a link, and clickable. Like on certain blogs where it's colored blue... I tend to go with adding a title between my first and last name.

For blogs where the Comment Name is not clearly clickable. Such as on some blogs, where comment name links are colored black... Or blogs that use Disqus Commenting, where your name isn't clickable through to your website ... I tend to go with adding my URL at the end of my name.

I find that both work well.

But I prefer having a title in between my first and last name, and letting people click-through to my website. As opposed to people typing in my URL directly.

It makes it easy for me to track that way. And see where the traffic's coming from.

It also helps to arouse curiosity. While standing out in an interesting way.

Entering your Email Address needs no explanation. I'm sure you already know how to do that.

But... for the Website URL link... what should you enter in here?

I Recommend You Enter In A Link To Your Blog!


Before I tell you the reason, make sure you have your blog well-optimized for opt-ins first before you start doing so.

Done? Ok... so...

If you've been following along on my case study, you probably already know that I've done some testing.

It seems intuitive that sending visitors direct to a Squeeze Page should work better. Because it's way less work for them to opt-in to your email list directly.

But actually... the opposite was found to be true...

Sending targeted visitors from blog comments to your blog will generate around 30 times MORE email subscribers than if you sent them directly to your Squeeze Page.

And I've tested this with both one-step and two-step opt-ins.

The reason for this... I believe... is because people coming to your site from blog comments are currently in a "Blog Reading" state of mind.

If you disrupt that experience by sending them to a Squeeze Page...

You'll Get An Incredibly High Bounce Rate!

However, if you take advantage of that by moving them over to another blog (namely yours) where they can continue their blog reading experience, and eventually click-through on a link to your Squeeze Page once they've been thoroughly impressed with your content...

... you'll get some hungry, and happy, new email subscribers!

This may vary depending on your niche. And it may vary depending on how killer your Squeeze Page is.

But for the moment, I've found the best results sending them straight to a blog.

Of course, this is assuming you have some great content up and ready for them to consume...

But other than sending them to your blog, I believe that using a long-form squeeze page like this one should work too. Since you're continuing their reading experience...

Anyways, let's get to the final part...

The 4th But Hugely Important Part Of... Content!

This goes without saying... for your blog comments, just create great content!

No secrets here.

Add something to the conversation. Ask a relevant and insightful question. Add your thoughts. Prove your expertise.

The aim here is to get people to be interested in knowing more about you, and what you have to offer.

But if you can... always sign off your comment... with a qualifier telling comment readers what you're all about.

As I mentioned before, something like this:

Leonardo LaVito
(The Last List Building Legend)"

Also, I've found that... funny and humorous comments work very well in getting people to clickthrough to your site. So if you have a great sense of humor, you could try that.

Other than that... if you can find a way to add a link to a relevant article on your blog, while adding to the conversation in the comments... that can give you a dramatically high clickthrough rate as well... along with a ton of new email subscribers (if your article is darn good)...

But I Still Have One Last 5th Thing To Mention!

It took me a while to write this, so I hope you enjoyed my brief outline I laid out for the Comment Conquest system of "Comment Hacking"!

And if you didn't like it...

... then sorry... I'm going to my bedroom to cry now...

But if DID like it, I have just one more thing I want to show you...

... and that is... how I use these techniques as part of a bigger system... to build a larger list!

I think you'll find it instructive, as you see how I do it in a case-study like format.

Just Click The Button Below, And Let's Get Started!

I have a lot more stuff to share with you that I'm sure will blow your mind...


Leonardo LaVito

Leonardo LaVito​
(The Last List Building Legend)

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